Monday, 16 July 2012

Maudlin Moment

While I am not normally given to sharing moments of introspection, I'll make an exception today.

 Yesterday was a wonderful rest day with church in the morning and naps and light housework in the afternoon. This came after a hectic week from the first phase of library renovations at the PIU campus. One of the things I made sure we did yesterday was to stop by the beach to wade into the water--it was low tide so we needed to go out a bit to even find the water!

Why was it so important to get to the water?

Just over a week ago, my sister posted on my Facebook wall: "Hey Lisa! Did you know that next week I will be in Irvine, CA? I will go to the beach in my I Love Guam t-shirt and et in the water, then next week you can go to the beach in Guam and touch the same water. It will be almost like visiting, except not exactly. I love you and miss you!"

Just when I start to feel on an even keel and that we are o.k. so far away from family; Jill drops this bombshell. I loved it and cried over it at the same time. Yes, we give up a lot being so far away from family in the states: regular visits with grandparents, funerals, family reunions and more. But, after a week of so many different Christian volunteers coming together to help with the library it brings home the fact that we are making a difference here. Our immediate family here impacts the lives of our students in visible ways. So that's why I went to the ocean the day after Jill went to the beach in California and touched the water. I waited a day so that the water she touched could reach all the way over here so we could be closer together.

And I prayed:

Lord, you give us the blessing of water to drink and sustain our lives. You also give us water to refresh and renew us in Baptism. And today, You use water to connect my sister and me across the world through your creation and love. Amen

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