Monday, 6 August 2012

Still going strong...

Just in case you thought the library renovation had fallen off the radar, let me bring you up to date.


We have had more volunteers from the military come out, Home Depot has donated paint and is helping with the carpet, we have painted 1/2 of the library building, have re-located several hundred pounds of books and shelves to a temporary location in the classroom and held a Flea Market to help raise funds to cover the rest of the renovation costs.

Whew, it's been a long couple of weeks.  I would like to share the blessings the Lord has provided for us on this project so far:

  • Safety: there have been no injuries worse than a few bruises.  Considering the amount of heavy lifting we are doing and the awkwardness of the shelving, this is huge blessing!
  • Donations: we have had so many people donating quality items for the Flea Market, it's almost like sorting through the store rack!
  • Volunteers:  PIU personnel, students (some for work study but many more just for support), military, church members.
  • Attitude:  the attitude of the volunteers has made the work days almost seem like a party!
  • Provision:  we have only had to pay about $300 so far for the entire renovation.  Amazing!
  • Timing:  the project is following a timeline that allows for enough rest in between long, hard days.
  • Stress:  I have been given a large amount of grace so that, even when I get tired, my stress level stays within tolerable bounds.  Which means, my family can still live with me!

Thank you, Lord.  Amen!

Oh, did I forget to mention we were in the Liberation Day Parade?

Some of my most faithful helpers!

I do actually work and not just order everyone around... sometimes!

Sorting or pre-shopping?  I think we crossed the line a couple of times but we got all the work done, fellowshipped, and got good deals all at the same time!  Now that's multi-tasking.

And this was just the stuff on the court, the rest of the clothes were in a classroom!

Now, this is ingenuity!  Did you know that books are heavy?


  1. Good job. I know it is not easy to do all of these. God bless all of you and the school. I miss you.