Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 2--Library renovation

Check this out!  One of the things we (as in, the family) has loved about PIU is that families are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! 
Joyce supervises as Anne and Zac learn the tools of the trade.

Here, Dave Own (our president) checks out our work!  He approved (especially because that's his wife, Joyce, working harder than anybody!).

The first day:  2 shelves done
The second day:  4 shelves done
The third day:  8 shelves done ???  That would be a good trend...

Background:  The first thing that I noticed about the library here was that it was neat and orderly and well-run (we've always had good staff).  As time went on, though, I saw how many donations of books were given to the library that we couldn't always hold on to due to space limitations.  When we added the Liberal Arts programs to our degree offerings, this need for space became even more noticeable.  This is a small facility; we needed to maximize the space we have. 

So, I began to dream.  The most obvious thing was to go up. Our shelving is only 5' high so another 2 shelves to make them 6' or 7' was optimal.  That's the idea I started with when I began to plan.

Check back tomorrow to see if we kept our exponential growth going!

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