Monday, 9 July 2012

It's starting!!!!!!

     While I would have liked to started with the planning I've put into this ... we've already started the library renovation! Today 2 of us (Joyce Owen and me) spent a portion of the day sanding and staining two new shelves for the library. The difference is incredible! The new shelves are a bit "thirsty" so we're using Danish Oil to give it a drink, refresh the color and add a bit of shine.

     So, how will 2 of us do all this? The answer is: it won't be just 2 of us the whole time. I'm asking for volunteers from the military, local churches, and students from the campus. I've also started a Causes Wish for people to donate for the library renovation. The plan is, every step we take, I'll describe it here with just a tad of the background work that I've done for the past two years.

     It's exciting to see plans that I've had percolating in my brain and through my files start to come to life. I'm just praying it's more like the resurrection of Lazarus and not Frankenstein's monster!

   Looking backward: Just this last week, I brainstormed fundraising ideas that can be implemented with minimal logistics and manning (since it's summertime with few people) and drafted multiple letters to organizations for volunteers. I sent letters to friends who are in the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Army National Guard for help with this community project. I also contacted the Guam Ministerial Association to let the churches know what we are doing.

     My initial fundraising ideas:
  • Table at base BX: face painting for donations 
  • Flea market on campus: donations by church members 
  • Causes Wish: check out my Facebook page (Lisa Collins) 
  • Raffle with good prizes 

     I'll keep you apprised of how the fundraising goes. I'll also post pictures along the way.

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