Friday, 20 January 2017

New new new!

I haven't posted in a long while.  Since last year, actually. But only because exciting things were happening.

I was accepted as the supervisory librarian at a different library!

Getting that call is what I call a "cheese Gromit" moment.

Super exciting.  So between the new position, Christmas, and the New Year, I've been a little busy. More book review and library tidbits are still on the way, never fear!  Although you are less likely to get glimpses like this classic that ushered me out the door of the public library the week I left...

I need some words.  Psycho... psychotic... 
I need more than that to go on.
I need more context than that.
Oh, but he might... (gesturing to the empty chair at the computer) I'm going to run out of time. (goes back to computer).
30 second lapse of time
(walks back over) These might be words you hear in a bar.  Pathological sociopath? Have you heard those words?
I've heard those words but not necessarily together.
OK (goes back to computer).

Until next time!