Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why I'll never be a good DIY blogger

I love crafts

I love DIY

I love creating things

I am the one who spends $40 on supplies for something I could buy for $5.

It's the process, the creativity and problem-solving I love.  The altering of expectations when things don't go as I planned (my favorite phrase when making something: "Oh, no one will notice.").  I like the flush of success that comes when I've finished the project.

And, while trying not to brag, I've made some quite lovely things over the years.  To be fair, I've also made some disasters, I just don't always show them to people (that's the trick to appearing successful at crafting).

With all of the cutting, gluing, sewing and pinning flurries that go on in my house, it might be kind of surprising that I don't feature more of my multitude of projects here.  I did put on our fun cookie night and how I made the giant Playaway to hang in the library but you haven't (and won't) see many process posts on how I achieve some of my fun things.

Whyever could that be? 
(I'm sure you're asking with wide-eyed anticipation)

Two reasons:

1.  I'm not a good photographer.  There are several aspects that play into this.  

  •           One is that I haven't taken the time to learn how to take decent pictures.  There are numerous tutorials on how to take good pictures with my phone... nope, not interested.
  •           Another is that I get so involved with what I am doing that I forget to take pictures. When I'm making something, I'm following (or making up) the steps I need to follow to get to the end.  Who has time to remember pictures?
  •           A third reason... I only have two hands and they're usually doing whatever it is that I'm making.  Even if a hand may be free for a moment... it's usually messy.

2.  My counters and work spaces look like this:
Displaying IMG_2037.JPG
I strive but it's 3 kids against me...

Displaying IMG_2037.JPG
Not a good backdrop for featuring a nifty new creation.

So while you might see the result of a crafting project, you'll have to ask for details on how it was done and bear with the messy, shaky-cam, cluttered counter pictures you get! But you can enjoy my witty book reviews and insightful posts on library and education here in between the crafts (shameless self-advertising plug).

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