Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Not another research paper! Part 7

1. Topic/Research Question
2. Pre-search
3. Research
4. Outline
5. Research
6. Fill-in-the-blanks
7. Edit

Well.  This is it!  You've made it this far and you're almost ready to put the icing on the cake!

What is so important about editing?

Well, this is the window dressing that shows your reader that
1. you care enough about what you've written to make sure there are no obvious mistakes
2. your reader doesn't get confused because of misspellings or bad grammar
3. it is very hard to take someone seriously if they can't even take the time to fix a typo.

Your editing is going to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

So, before I go into a string of humorous posters detailing why you need to be grammar and spelling conscious, let me remind you that appearances can be deceiving but it's unfortunately important to make a first impression.  No matter how good a doctor is, if the office is dirty and bug-ridden, you're not very likely to go in, are you?

So, how's this for convincing you of the importance of editing?

Read your paper aloud, you might catch some mistakes.  Give it to a friend to read.

 All you have left is the cover page and "Works Cited" page.  Those are just window dressing and citations will be the subject of another post.  But...

Once you are done editing, the body of your paper is done! 

Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with your favorite thing to do.  Eat ice cream, nap, read a book, whatever.  Kick back and know that you did your best.

Congratulations, you have finished your research paper!

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