Sunday, 1 May 2016

CosPlay Fun... and it's work?

I love it when I get to do something totally fun that counts as work.  That happened this past weekend when the library hosted a booth at Alamogordo's Aeon Adventures.  Why would the library have a booth at a cosplay event? (for you noobs, cosplay is short for costume play.  Dressing up as favored characters or character types)

Why because we love Harry Potter!  So much so, that the library staff unanimously decided we should have a release party to celebrate the 8th book (written as a play) when it comes out in July.  In preparation, we are selling raffle tickets for some cool stuff (funded by Alamogordo Friends of the Library) so we'll have some money to make the celebration really rock!

Here are are a couple of pictures of the booth (I did minimal work setting up, our Youth Services librarian really did the lion's share of the work but she does such a phenomenal job I'm really superfluous sometimes).  But we had such fun!  I got to dress as Hermione (or a random Gryffindor student--but I had Hermione's wand ;) ) and we got to talk up the library, sell tickets and generally enjoy the fun atmosphere of the congenial company of the rest of the Adventure goers.  As you know, I'm not great at pictures but here are a few:
Our super-cool collection of items to raffle. (If you're in town, we'll be selling tickets all summer at the library!)

We had a fun craft of bookmarks to color and some t-shirts. 
And here I am conducting one of our helpers in a kazoo performance.

More pictures can be found at Bellatrix Lestrange's blog (a.k.a. Youth librarian) and she's much better with pictures than I am!

I also got to talk up my first try at an Adult Summer Reading program (they've had them at the library before but this is the first one I'm organizing) and I'm getting really excited about it!  It's great when you love what you do and this weekend was a great example of it!


  1. If you were extraneous, I wouldn't have left when you did:) And you'll notice I totally discarded my pictures of the booth and stole yours! Definitely fun, we will definitely have to do it again, but
    definitely not this month...

  2. I don't know if I'd survive doing anything like that again this month! But it is absolutely worth repeating. And I'm doing a lot more in-depth costume for the release party--I just have to figure out who or what...