Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Study in the Library!

It's most noticeable when someone finds the ideal book in the Reference collection and gets irritated that they can't check it out.

"I can't check this book out? But I need to take it home to write my paper."

I, a homebody, can fully understand the desire to get what I need and then retreat to my safe haven and work on what I need to do.

You know, the vital things like writing that paper...

      or doing the dishes

            hey, look, the washing machine is open for a load.

                  Eww, a rabid dust bunny, I'd better vacuum.

                        Well, I might as well brush the dogs before I vacuum or we'll still end up with an unintentional shag carpet...

What?  It's bedtime?  I didn't have time to work on my paper!

Does that progression sound familiar?

But, when the school year (semester) is in full swing and there are assignments to do and papers to write and you feel like there's not enough time in the day to breathe much less eat, sleep or do homework... that is the time to take your books to the library and study.

What are the advantages of studying in the library?

5.  Computers are available so you can write, type, and even print--it's one-stop shopping for your homework needs.

4.  Table space so you can spread out and get organized.

3.  Resources in many forms, from books, dictionaries, encyclopedias to peer-reviewed journals and newspapers.

2.  Professional help is just a step away.  You can ask your librarian about particular sources, subjects, how to write an outline, or advice on what search terms to use.  They're friendly and excited to help you find accurate information!

1.  There are no housekeeping pressures!  Far fewer distractions!  You can't see the dirty dishes in the sink, or watch the dog shake her fur so that it flies into the air before slowly settling down on the carpet that needs to be vacuumed (yes, there are a lot of ways I procrastinate at home).

So pack your books, ignore the chores and head to the library for the most effective hour of studying you've had in a long time!

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