Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Bible Run... Done!

It's over!  The 2013 PIU Bible Run went as planned and now we're all recovering.  

     For those of you who don't know, this is a major event hosted by PIU, this being the 2nd year in a row that we've held it.  It involves churches from all over the island, the Guam Police Department, all the village Mayors' offices, the Guam Running Club (this year), publicity, news releases, t-shirts and graphic design, run day logistics and many volunteers along with our dedicated faculty and staff. 


     That is a lot over Christmas and New Years, directly following the end of a hectic semester.  Times are ripe for frustration, impatience, and just plain grumpiness.  I admit that I did feel some of this leading up to and including some time during the run.  But it was eclipsed by the excitement of the people who were all eager to be a part of an island-wide proclamation of our uniting faith in Christ.  That is more than enough to drag even a dedicated grump out of the doldrums!

     I also realized that my favorite part of the run was the praying.  Not just joining in the prayers but, to my extreme fascination, my comfort level in praying aloud in public.  Being from a conservative background, I always try to be a good Lutheran and we only have things written down (yes, sarcasm for you uninitiated)... but I really didn't ever practice or feel comfortable with spontaneous prayers in groups of people.  My time here at PIU has really overcome that and I not only was able to participate but also enjoy the opportunity to pray with fellow believers on the side of the road, in the heat of the day, uniting our faith.  What an awesome experience!  The Lord be praised!!

Members of the Southern team

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