Thursday, 15 July 2010

Unexpected Award

What an unexpected surprise! I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Jill Clark, author of the Clark Clan homeschooling blog.

I am excited to accept this award with its terms:
1. Thank the site that awarded it.
2. Write 7 things about yourself--although I interpret this to mean I can write about myself, my church, or my school.
3. Pass it on to someone else.

So, here are 7, hopefully, interesting things about my life.

1. We are a family of 5; my husband and myself, 2 boys and 1 girl.
2. I "library school" my kids. Which is to say, they accompany me to the campus at which I work and we do their schoolwork there.
3. I work (if you can call all the fun things I do work) at Pacific Islands University, a small Christian college on the island of Guam. I am the librarian on campus.
4. I am a fully certified (sometimes certifiable) librarian with a Master's degree in Library and Information Sciences. YES, there is a special degree!
5. My husband is active duty Air Force and will be retiring in a year and a half.
6. I have been a military dependent all my life; first my dad's and then my husband's.
7. I love to read, sew, stamp, and scrap. If it involves recycled materials, even better!

I would like to pass this award on to Jen Rydzik for her daily blog. Jen is a wonderful encouragement as one of the most enthusiastic missionaries I have ever met. She is always ready and willing to help in any way and her blog is constantly updated with heartfelt experiences from her life.

Keep watching while I update my library log each week; you never know when you might find something useful!

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  1. Congratulations on your award. You now can say you have an award winning blog. Love you!